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BIBLE MEDITATION: "To an inheritance incorruptible, and
undefiled, and that fadeth not away, reserved in heaven for you."
1 Peter 1:4

DEVOTIONAL THOUGHT: A man was sitting on a street corner and
weeping. A friend saw him and asked, "Why are you crying?" He
said, "Haven't you read the papers? Rockefeller died." His friend
responded, "Why are you crying? You were no kin of his!" He said,
"That's why I'm crying." You have an inheritance right now as a
child of God. It is incorruptible. The foul breath of decay and
gnawing tooth of time cannot take it away. It is undefiled. No
high-power lawyer can find a loophole. It will never fade away.
If you understood what you have in Jesus, you would never be
jealous of anybody.

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