The Planet of the apes 

Just imagine, what if suddenly because of human craziness, we have a war with catastrophic consequences, and neutron bombs kill all of the human race, leaving everything the way it is now. What if apes somehow survive and take control of the planet and become as humans, intellectually advanced.


For them it would be a New World, at that point they would have to have a pioneer of the monkey race. Because nothing of the past has been registered in their history, their history would have to start from that point


In their excavations they would find human remains, and they would make their theories about how apes evolved from humans. They would calculate how many millions of years Mother Nature took to make them as they would be (monkeys). For them, the human skeletons would be the missing link between the animals and the apes, and they would put humans, as part of their own evolution.


The apes would start writing their history based on their own knowledge, ignoring the previous civilisation. They would look at the ruins left by us, the gigantic buildings, bridges, roads, airports, abandoned cities, the machinery that we use now, computers, telescopes, the ships in the sea, aeroplanes, tractors etc. They then would think that just by chance Mother Nature made all of it.


They would see the international roads, and would think how they were made. The evolution scientist apes would start calculating, how many millions of years mother nature took to erect a building, make a bridge, a tower, without knowing that behind all those giant structures of still and concrete, there was a smart being designing, calculating, collecting, preparing and moving the materials, erecting the buildings floor by floor, prefabricating the bridges and placing them where they are.


They would calculate how many millions of years, mother nature took to build a tractor, piling up still molecule by molecule until, it was completely built. Without knowing that there was an intelligent mind designing it and building it.


They would find a solar power calculator, and by looking at the numbers that change, just by pressing the buttons, they would deliberate about, how much time mother nature took to build that calculator, grouping by chance every circuit, separating the conductors from the semiconductors, making the solar panels building the buttons, the cover, etc. Ignoring that behind all that there was an intelligent mind.


If at that point, an ape comes up saying that there was someone designing, building, perfecting the existing things, the others would call him crazy and they would separate him from their monkey society.


What about us now, standing in front a great, living, personal structure, a world inside of itself, an equilibrium of parts, with life in itself, marvellous as it is our own human body. Arranged in a wonderful way. If we could just analyse one single part of our body. Lets say the eye, how it works, how it transmits images to our brain, how it keeps the images in our brain, how we can remember and describe the images even with our eyes closed, or when the objects are not present, we can draw them or re-build them in a different material, make an abstract of them, and even when the time passes we can keep the image in our mind.


We, humans, have closed the eyes of our own understanding, as the Bible says in Romans chapter 1, that those calling themselves scientists became foolish and changed the Glory of the unchangeable GOD into an image of a corruptible man and their foolish heart became darkened, what we now call science, wants to impose onto ourselves, that just by chance, the one called mother nature, joined all materials, and just by chance, built every part of our body, perfecting it until it left it the way it is now.


The science that studies evolution says, that mother nature took such and such millions of years, designing, building and modelling our body, until it made us into what we are now, and at one point, Mother Nature got tired of building and designing, and stopped evolution.


Looking at ourselves, the way we are, we refuse to recognise that there was someone behind all of this, designing, calculating, building, correcting, and perfecting us until getting what we are now. Not only a pile of mass, or a sack of bones and meat, but a mind that can think on its own, analyse, plan and program. Also capable of building other things and capable of governing what surrounds us.


We are so blind, that we came to think that just by chance we came to existence, to live a useless life, and just by chance we will abandon this world, and go back to the dust. We are so spiritually blind, not wanting to recognise that there was someone designing, building, modelling, constructing us cell by cell, until he made us the way we are now, the material and visible parts, and as well the immaterial and invisible parts of our inner-selves, like the intelligence, the imagination, the wish and want, the friendship, the fidelity, the love, the faith, and other purely spiritually aspects of our inner-selves that make us to the image of GOD.


We, humans do not want to experience the marvellous thing that is, getting back to our creator. That precious designer, who made every tiny part of our body with absolute precision. The one who loves us, and waits for us, with open arms. The one who has marvellous plans for us, in this short life, and in the eternal one. GOD, that because of his great love, sent his only begotten son to die for us, to save us, and take us back to GOD.


Open up the eyes of your understanding, it is not because of an accident of Mother Nature that you are here, but because GOD brought you here with a purpose.


Come to realise, that when your body stops breathing, the inner-self that is present when you close your eyes, will not die, but will go back to report itself to its Creator whether you are good or bad.


Let me tell you, it is not too late for you, because this very moment, Jesus Christ is calling at the door of your heart, let Him in!


Come and rejoice with us, worshipping GOD and praising Him. Have a personal encounter with GOD. He has something wonderful waiting for you, it is about time that you come to GOD, there may not be a tomorrow for you.