T   h   e        M   a   t   r   i   x 

Is it real? Are you in? or out? If you are in, how did you get here? What is your program? What is your purpose?

Can you escape? How? Are you real? For how long? Can you determine the time of your life?

Do you need to fight to get out? How? Against who?

If you can escape where will you go? Can someone help you? Who is Him? Where is Him? Can you trust Him? How will you know that He is the one?

Is there a door? Which one is the right door? Who has the key? What if you chose the wrong door?

Are there any other matrix? Where are them? What is their purpose? When did they start? Did anyone escape from it? How? Where are them?


Which one is your real world? The one inside of the Television set, or the one around you? Who are your real enemies? the ones around you or the ones inside of you? What is inside of you? How is that you are alive? Are you alive? Are you real? Are you another image from the television set? Where do you come from? Where are you going to? Did I get you crazy with all this questions? Did I make you think? Are you going to commit suicide after you finish reading this piece of paper? Does your whole life have any purpose? What is it?


Who is Jesus? Where does He come from? Why did he promised to get us out of here? Why did He promised us eternal life? What about his resurrection? What about when he resurrected others? Where did He go? Why does he say that he is coming back? What about all those crazy people that follow Him? Why do they trust him so much? Why there are others that hate Him? Do you believe in Him?


What is the reason for which all those who truly, from their heart, believe in Jesus, they say that they have found peace on their hearts, and purpose to their lives? How does it happen that by faith in His Name, people can be healed from their sickness. How does it happen that by faith on His Name, the blind can see, the paralyzed can walk, the leprous can be cleaned? Have you ever seen in real life one of this things? Those crazy people called Christians, the Pentecostal ones, they say that this is true.


Why are those crazy Pentecostals so much in to it? Why are those crazy Christians ready to give their lives for Jesus? Is there a life after this mess? If there is, where are you going to spend all that time? In heaven? In hell? To go to hell you have to do nothing about your life, just continue living the useless life you already have. To go to heaven you have to fight for it, not against people, against the evil spirits that live around us, that you can not see them but are real like you and me, I mean, if YOU are real, they lead you to make evil things to fight with others like you, and to get far from God.


Get out of the Matrix, there is a way, Jesus is the way. There is a door, Jesus is the door. There is someone who can help you escape, Jesus is the one, the Chosen One. He is the only one you can trust with all of your heart, He gave His life for you, the only one who really did. He is coming back to pick you up and take you to heaven, get ready, there is no time to loose, you have no idea how short your life really is.


Those crazy Pentecostals are not crazy, they found the way, they found the door, they found the key, they got it. Now run, find one, ask those crazy Christians how to get you in contact with the Chosen One, the Real One, Jesus.


This Matrix, soon is going to be destroyed, you have to get out of here, and Jesus is the only door.


Get out of the Matrix … Get out of the Matrix ……. Get out of the Matrix ….. Get out of the Matrix ..… Get out of the Matrix ….. Get out of the Matrix ..… Get out of the Matrix … Get out of the Matrix … Get out of the Matrix … Get out of the Matrix … Get out of the Matrix … Get out of the Matrix ….… Jesus is the One……. Jesus is the One ….… Jesus is the One ….…. Jesus is the One …...… Jesus is the One …..… Jesus is the One……. Jesus is the One ….… Jesus is the One … Jesus is the One… Jesus is the One … Jesus is the One ………... The Chosen One……….. The Chosen One… The Chosen One…The Chosen One The Chosen One… The Chosen One…


Let me tell you, it is not too late for you, because this very moment, Jesus Christ is calling at the door of your heart, let Him in!


Come and rejoice with us, worshipping GOD and praising Him. Have a personal encounter with GOD. He has something wonderful waiting for you, it is about time that you come to GOD, there may not be a tomorrow for you.



Yes! Jesus can,

give Him an oportunity to touch your heart today