Declaration of Faith

Iglesia Cristiana Dufferin Subway Church

Toronto Ontario


1. - One and only GOD

I believe in one and only GOD, our Almighty GOD, creator of heaven and earth and creator of everything, whether is visible or invisible. He is the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, and reveals himself to us through his Holy Spirit


2. - One Lord

I believe in our lord and Redeemer Jesus Christ. He is the only begotten Son of God, from before creation, and before the beginning of times. Jesus is not a creation He was born in GOD himself. He is of the same nature of the Father and is one with Him. Jesus created everything; (He is the Word of God) and nothing exists without Him.


Because of the love of the Father, Jesus was given to us, as the Emanuel (GOD with us). Jesus the man, miraculously born from the Virgin Mary, He was born as a man, He lived as a man but without sin, He suffered as a man, He was crucified during the ruling of Pontius Pilate in Israel around the years 25-35 of our year count. He died and was buried. He resurrected on the third day according to the Scriptures. On his resurrection He received from the Father, all Power and Kingdom, and Authority over everything that is in heaven and earth and everywhere also. Jesus has power over all being, and anything that exists and all names visible or invisible.


Jesus is now sitting at the right hand of the Father, and is ready to judge the live and the dead on the final day. Jesus will come again without relation to sin, to take us with Him and to establish his everlasting kingdom.


3. - One Holy Spirit

I believe in the Precious and Glorious Holy Spirit that comes from GOD, and participates of His Divinity in one being and substance. He is given to us by Jesus Christ to enrich us in faith, to guide us to all Truth and Justice, to make us recognize that we are sinners and lead us to repentance, to dress us with the Power of GOD that operates for salvation, to give the church authority over evil, to bring us back to GOD. The Holy Spirit talked to man through the prophets and the apostles, and now He continues talking to us through the Scriptures. I believe that the Holy Spirit has not change, and is operating now the same way He did when the church of Jesus Christ started. Every believer must seek to be filled with the Holy Spirit as God the Father promised.


4. - One Faith and Promises

I believe in the Holy Scriptures, the Bible, which is the Old and New Testament, as the maximum religious authority of faith and promises, as long as it is translated correctly. I believe that the scriptures were divinely inspired and given to man through the prophets and the apostles of Jesus Christ. I believe that the scriptures contain the Truth, all and everything that is necessary for our faith, salvation and Christian living.


5. - A Powerful Church

I believe that the church is one, is universal, without a name and denomination, without borderlines, without colour of skin. Jesus established the church. The church was opened to the world by the apostles, empowered and guided by the Holy Spirit, nothing and no one will prevail against It. Being Jesus himself the corner stone. For Him, it is His love, His bride, His wife, His suffering, and His friend, for which He give himself on Calvary cross, to save her and purify her for Himself.


6. - One Baptism

I confess that there is one baptism of repentance for the forgiveness of sin, Jesus established it, and every believer should participate in it as a demonstration of obedience.


7. The Resurrection

I believe in the resurrection of the dead, given by Jesus Christ when He comes back, for all those who has been justified by his blood, and they will live with Him forever and ever.

I believe that there will be another resurrection for all the other dead, and the reason for this resurrection is that they will come to the throne of GOD for judgement. GOD is sovereign and He judges with justice.



8. -The second coming of Jesus Christ

I believe that Jesus Christ will come again without any relation to sin, and everyone will see Him, in an instant, in the blink of an eye.


9. - The Humans are sinners by nature

I believe that humans are not born with original sin; but I believe the humans are born with an evil nature, and are constantly pulled to evil. Only a newborn in Jesus Christ accompanied with conscious repentance can re-generate us, change our lives and bring us back to GOD, and that the babies of the believers are sanctified on their parents, until they take their own decision to give themselves to God and to baptize.


10. - The punishment of the unjust

I believe that, the non-believers by the time of death are completely lost without hope. They will have to face judgement in front of the throne of GOD, and it is reserved for them eternal suffering.

11. - Jesus, the Perfect Sacrifice

I believe that Jesus Christ is the Perfect Sacrifice, offered to redeem us from our sins with His own blood. Given to all humanity, and all the ones that believe in Him and repent from their sins are justified, re-generated, sanctified and saved from the chains of evil.


12. - The Re-Generation

I believe that, the believers, once they become Christians, should be completely sanctified by the faith and obedience to the word of GOD, stretching themselves to reach the image of Jesus on their own selves.


13. - The Holy Communion

I believe that Jesus established the Holy Communion, which lead us to remember the sacrifice of Jesus, making us feel that we are part of his body, and giving us the assurance that we are covered by His blood.


14. Biblical Doctrines

The summation of the scriptures is the Truth.



David Villacis

Brampton September 17, 2003