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Active Directory Services and Windows 2000 or Windows Server 2003 Domains
Apache HTTP Server Version 2.0 Documentation
AusCERT, Australian Computer Emergency Response Team.
ACM Association for Computing Machinery, the world's first educational and scientific computing society.
Agilent Technologies-Product Listings for network troubleshooting solutions - Mobile, Data, IP Telephony
Annoyances .org
atmforum pub-approved- specs
Business computer and TAX tips
Bandwidth Place, Speed Test
Basic Flowcharting Symbols - The SmartDraw Flowchart Center
Benefits of Active Directory in a Windows 2000 Environment
Cisco University Rearch Program
C++ Tutorial - FunctionX
CDC2000 Sessions and Titles
Cisco - Netigy - Strategic Alliance
Cisco - Optical Technologies Technical Tips
cisco Technology Support
Communications Engineering & Design -  October 2001 Merging circuits and packets on one network
Computer Science Papers NEC Research Institute CiteSeer Publications ResearchIndex
Decompilation of Binary Programs - dcc
Dominic Schupke
Educational Products for All Ages at Learn OnYourOwn .com
Edulearn, Inc - Computer Training Videos and CD-ROMs
F&P Next Generation Internet (NGI) Bibliography
Fuzzy logic jump start.
Fuzzy Logic What is Fuzzy Logic
Fuzzy Ripple Down Rules
Graduate Thesis Research
GroupStudy .com - CCIE, CCNA,  CCNP and other Cisco Certifications
Help for Administrative Professionals tip and tricks
redbooks ibm -pubs &pdfs
IBM Education - Canada
JSI, INC. - Tips & Tricks - Windows Server 2003 - Windows NT - Windows 2000 - Windows XP ®.
IBM Redbooks IBM WebSphere V4.0 Advanced Edition Security
IBM Research Projects Text-to-Speech Unconstrained U.S. English Text Demo
Intel Corporation - Welcome to Intel.com
kunene poly edu  pdf-files
Linux LDAP Tutorial Add a login, password protection and security to your OpenLDAP directory
media semantics
MSWord help
Microsoft TechNet - Windows 2000 Hardening
Microsoft Windows 2000 Server Documentation
MPLS VPN with BGP or RIP on the Customer Site
Ontario Innovation Trust-Fonds ontarien pour l'innovation
Packet Ring Technology The Future of Metro Transport
Product Support Page
Prof. Juergen Sauer, FH Regensburg, FB IM
Research Index The NECI Scientific Literature Digital Library
Roxen Community  TCP Congestion Control (Standards Track)
Rules and Principles for DPT
Stein Gjessing
SRP MAC Layer Protocol
Tiziana Ferrari's home page
Thesis Based Policies for Load Distribution via Process Migration and Initial Placement.
Vasilis' Thesis
Wireless, 802.11, WiFi - eXpansys Canada
Windows 2000 Security Hardening Guide

Windows 2000-NT Tip #408 Prevent Script Viruses, Keep Windows Scripting Host

Windows network - Best Practices


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