SimpleChat! 1.3 homepage: DESCRIPTION SimpleChat! 1.3 is a nice and fast HTML based chatroom written in PHP3/4. The output produced by SimpleChat! 1.3 is small, 100% HTML 4.01 compliant and also looks fine with any modern browser which supports HTML 4 and JavaScript 1.2. FEATURES - Fast loading - about 3-9kB per refresh (depending on the last 12 entries). - Easy to install. No MySQL database required. - 100% HTML 4.01 compliant output. - Best viewed with any browser - MSIE 4+, Netscape 4+, Opera 4+, Mozilla (any). - Text formatting - bold, italic and colored text. - 20 pretty color schemes at choice. - Different icons at choice, smilies, links. - HTML tags filter. - 150 lines history (the number can be changed easily - index.php, line #45). - Sound alert when a new message arrives. - List of the users online. - Refresh rates - 5, 10, 20 30, 60 sec - Translated in different languages. INSTALLATION Just extract all files in a directory (keeping the directory structure), run a web server, a browser and type the URL, e.g. http://localhost/SimpleChat/index.php . * Do not forget to CHMOD the directory "/data" to 777 on LINUX based systems. (CHMOD means to change the permissions/attributes of a file or a directory usually by an FTP program) The newest PHP4.x.x distributions come with a default 'register_globals' variable set to '0'. If you cannot login, post messages or change color schemes or you should enable this variable in php.ini: register_globals=On or just add a line at the beginning of incl/ ini_set('error_reporting',7);import_request_variables("GPC"); SimpleChat! is synchronized to the GREENWICH MEAN TIME. Synchronize it to your local time by replacing '0' (incl/, line #1) with +/- any number you wish. The default password for clearing is 12345 . Change it (clear.php, line #7) if necessary. It is recommended to hide the IP addresses of your users by uploading and then renaming the file < htaccess > in the directory "/data" to < .htaccess >. TRANSLATION Translating SimpleChat! into any language is as easy as possible. Language files are simple ASCII text files -, and so on. Create your own file or/and set SimpleChat! which one to load: (incl/, line #23). If you are going to use a non-English alphabet it is strongly recommended to change the 'charset' tag in your language file to the proper one: (lang/ file, line #5). It would decrease the loading time 6-7 times per refresh and prevent some browsers from displaying incorrect letters. HISTORY version 1.3 - list of users instead of "login/logout" messages sound when a new message arrives version 1.2 - version 1.2 is completely rewritten some changes in the appearance version 1.1 - some bugs fixed displaying 'log out' messages possibility to change the refresh rate multilanguage support version 1.0 - First public release LICENSE SimpleChat! 1.3 is distributed under a GNU General Public License (GPL): ------------------------------- WHO'S ONLINE? Here you have some instructions how to print a list of the users online on any page of your site. 1. Add this line at the beginning of a PHP file: where 'xxx' should be a correct relative path to your chat directory. If you'd like to print the list on your main page - , and the chat lives in a directory: , you should set $pth='friends/simple-chat'; 2. Call the function whos_online(); using one argument which would separate the users. '); ?> The following lines are a simple example of --- INDEX.PHP starts here --- MY MAIN PAGE

'); ?>

--- INDEX.PHP ends here ---